5 Tips To Personalize The Interior Of Your Modular Home


5 Tips To Personalize The Interior Of Your Modular Home

The rise of modular homes is truly remarkable.

So many people are opting for these prefabricated homes and that’s because they’re affordable, efficient and customizable. Modular homes are a more affordable option for those who are tired of the pricey process of buying and building a home from the ground up .But modular homes are not without their flaws. One of the most common complaints about modular homes is that they can become quite bland and boring.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to personalize the interior of your modular home. Here are 5 tips to help.

Tip 1: Settle On A Preferred Style

The chances are that you have a preferred decor style before purchasing your modular home. If you don't, it's not too late to think of one.

However, note that the design of your modular home also counts. If you had chosen modern modules, the chances are that your floor plan and furniture would follow chromic and contemporary patterns. On the other hand, a Victorian-style modular home would attract an artistic and somewhat vintage interior.

In essence, be particular about the style of your home. When you do, the interior will often settle itself.

Tip 2: Make Bold Additions To Your Style

Who says you can't yet make edits to your Victorian-style home? The fun of interior decor is the bold design and statements that it affords homeowners.

So, don't shy away or play safe. Try as many edits, additions, combinations and re-combinations until you like what you see.

Not sure how to make bold statements?

Well, you can start with your flooring option and furniture. While you are at it, you could also add artwork and throw pillows.

How about colour?

Tip 3: Be Picky With Colours

We understand that you might want to settle for the all-white style. Indeed, you can't go wrong with white. But that wouldn't be fun; why not try other bright and fun colours that pop and rock your personality?

About that, you don't have to use just a colour for all the interiors. You can decide to paint the walls in different shades from your hardwoods or even ceilings.

Furthermore, your living room can be a different colour from your bedroom. There are no limits to the shades you can use.

Nevertheless, be careful how you choose the colour. We will advise that you follow a theme. That way, your modular home won't look clownish.

Tip 4: Adorn The Space With Personality!

Besides colour and style, there are other ways you can personalize your home. Take your curtains as an example; you can style them up.

Even your lighting options can also reflect you. Everything in your modular home, from your choice of appliances to window finishes, is a chance to add a unique feature. So, don't let it slide!

About personality, which is yours? Are you reserved? Or do you prefer partying as an outgoing person?

Whichever personality you are, add touches of that in your interiors!

Tip 5: Don't Forget You Might Sell The Home

Most homeowners argue that modular homes are not as movable as mobile homes. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Realtors and builders alike, view modular in a favourable light acknowledging the sustainability and quality control standards. For that reason, many homeowners build their modular home in line with current trends and styles in case they need to move. You can always engage design experts like Modsolid to help you.

All of that said, if you are leaving for a new city soon, you should tune down your customization and invest in the layout. Also, consider fixing upgrades that might increase your home's resale value.

One of the said upgrades is tall interior ceilings. Your modular home will appear more spacious, and that will automatically increase the resale value.

On the other hand, if you plan to stay in the modular home long-term, you can do as many customizations as you see fit. Either way, know that your designs won't tank the value of your home.

Don't have time for the customizations? Perhaps all you want is something comfortable, simple and traditional!

In that case, check this:

Traditional Modular Home

For simple people, the traditional interior for modular homes will suffice. Fortunately, the style is compatible with all ranges of floor plans and layouts.

Furthermore, traditional modular homes fit all ranges of decor. In other words, you won't be changing your furniture, neither will you spend exhaustively on colouring.

So, how can you go about the traditional modular home?

There's no particular precept for traditional modules. You only have to take notes of the following elements:

  • Colour and paints are often neutral. So, you might want to step away from the bright and popping options. Mostly the floors are dark, and the walls are in light shades.
  • Your interior should feel homey. You could add several pillows, a couch and an armchair. Just imagine how it was growing up in a family home. Do you remember that homey style? Recreate it!
  • The last element is comfortable furniture arrangements. You should arrange your furniture centrally, and facing each other, the fireplace or TV. And your bed will lean towards the center of the longest wall in your bedroom.

In all, know that your modular home will be as beautiful as the efforts you put into it. Another thing you should note is engaging an expert to build one for you to start.

That point is where we can help you at Modsolid. Check our gallery to see which style fits your needs. If you have custom designs, we can equally help you implement them.

Need more information on modular homes? You can find more insightful posts on our blog.

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