7 Storage Ideas For Your Modular Home


7 Storage Ideas For Your Modular Home 

Modular homes, generally, can get pretty stuffy with time. What seemed spacious at the start would hardly contain your work desk, let alone your baby items. And when that happens, even the biggest room can seem tiny.

But, you don't have to crank up the number of appliances and gadgets to make up space in your modular home. You can get more juice and optimize your modular home for all the storage it can offer. 


Our designers here at ModSolid have unravelled some exciting and creative storage ideas for you. And these tips are what we have developed over a decade since we started building modular homes. So, rest assured that our ideas work and can help you.

Start With The Obvious: Get Some Storage Containers

Storage containers are proven aids to declutter all kinds of spaces. Besides storage, these containers also make your living areas neat and space-efficient. They can even serve as your bookshelves!

plastic containers ideal for storage
Plastic storage containers make an ideal solution for any place!

The best part: storage containers hold almost everything. You name it: everything from your kids toys, to clutter in the pantry, to the cabinets in the kitchen that are dreadful to open. Even everything in that closet...

Storage containers come in tons of different forms, shapes, and sizes making them a very flexible, versatile option but easy on the wallet. In other words, there is one for you regardless of your taste or budget.

Pro tip: invest in see-through storage containers. That way, you can always get an overview of your items, should you need them, without going all incredible hulk.

Use That Free Wall Space

Walls are great storage aids. Don’t worry your family photos and wall art will be just fine!

Besides, you won't use all the wall space. Just a few walls will be plenty, and you can layer it all the way up to your ceiling.

Also, try the wall around the corners in your modular home. Take the kitchen corners as an example; you can tuck your shelf into the corner, close to the wall and store items like your cookbooks or dried food items.

But won't mounting shelves on your wall clutter your space even more?

No, it won't. Don't use just any kind of shelves; get the narrow kinds. They won't compete for space!

More so, narrow shelves can reach your ceiling without disfiguring your walls. They can even add to the appeal of your interiors!

Mount Your Desk And Tables On Your Wall

Like your shelves, you can also mount your desks and tables on your wall. And you can do it stylishly. Floating desks and shelves have become a staple in most modern home design. 

You can also do a desk that collapses into your wall. That way, you can simply fold it up and get it out of the way depending on your needs. Either way, you would save your modular home from all the space a conventional desk would have taken.

You will get a clear area to enjoy a spacious home. And when it's time to work, you only need to drop your desk and grab a chair.

Similar idea: pull-out beds; (or murphy beds), you can retract and fold these relaxing sleep stations like your wall-mounted desks. They declutter your space and provide additional sleeping spaces for emergencies, friends, relatives and sleepovers.

Take It To The Sky: Use Hooks

Your walls are not the only space you can use. Even your ceilings can accommodate a few items. So, take your storage to your sky and free your floors.

But what can you fix on the ceilings?

You can use hooks. Hang them from your ceilings. However, be careful not to ram into the structures.

The best part: hooks can hold your small storage containers. And they are flexible and stylish. How?

  • For a start, you can use hooks in the kitchen for cooking items such as your pans, pots, and utensils.
  • Hooks can also hold your terrariums and smaller decor aids.
  • Hooks can hold your small bookshelves.

Whichever way you use hooks, they are an assured declutter for your modular home.

Similar idea: pegboard; they are particularly perfect for holding small appliances in the kitchen.

Mount Your Drawers On Your Bed Frames

Another way to free up space is to exploit your bed frame. It already takes a large chunk of the space in your home. And we wouldn't advise you to reduce the size; you might no longer enjoy your sleep.

Instead, modify your bed frames. Build drawers into the bottom part of the frames. In those drawers, you can store your clothes, shoes, extra bed sheets and blankets, or even jewelry.

Pro tip: mounted drawers can't fully replace your hangers. But you can also adapt the same style for the latter. Get an expert and let them help you design a high-capacity and functional closet space.

Maximize The Space Under Your Stairs

If you stay in a home with stairs, don't underestimate the space beneath them. Perhaps you had only used them for the insignificant; it is time to maximize the use.

But first, what is the location and situation of the stairs?

If your stairs are large and close to your kitchen, use the space beneath as additional storage. You can turn it into a pantry or an extra counter port. When you do, move items you seldomly use from your kitchen into the newly carved storage.

If you're worried such space won't be enough, think about Harry Potter. He was living under the stairs! That's your cue!

So, what if your stairs are small?

Small stairs can provide room for even more shelves. So, fix enough of such as the free space allows. Then, style it all up to boost the aesthetics of your interiors.

Windows Can Accommodate Extra Seats

You can maximize the spaces around your window area too. For a start, you can fit a corner work desk there. Besides, the view will help you stay fresh and get the most from your home/office condition.

Another use of the window area is introducing seats. How?

Arrange extra sitting spaces around your window and free your congested living area. And since the seats are close to the window, they wouldn't necessarily reduce airflow.

And if you still have enough space around your window, throw in one or two shelves. Say that won't work; try a mini bar!

Overall, be as creative as possible. There is no space you can't convert to a mini-storage area. You only have to be willing to maneuver it.


what if you have tried your best, and yet your home feels stuffy and cluttered? You don’t want to bring that same problem into your dream home! In that case, it's time to invite the experts. This point is where we can help you at ModSolid.

Reach out today, and let us help you get free from clutter in your new modular home! We have the expertise and personnel to help you achieve a comfortable living.

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